Parties can enter into any type of financial contract without needing a broker or clearing house to match trades, preserve the secrecy of their positions or settle outcomes.

Decentralised finance will enable everyone to become providers of financial services much like the internet enabled everyone to become content producers.

Completely new forms of derivatives contract will emerge that will enable humanity make better predictions about the future.


Sumero is a decentralised application (dApp) that lives on the blockchain. That means that it is controlled by no single entity and is completely open to anyone to use.
The application will enable users to create any type of financial asset secured by a blockchain, collateral, and oracle network of their choosing. Any combination of available options can be combined to enable users to securely exchange financial risk without an intermediary.
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Synthetic assets are digital tokens that exploit blockchain and decentralised oracle technology to track the value of real-world assets without requiring an intermediary to be the arbiter of contracts.

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Select an underlying asset you wish to track, set the terms of the contract including which blockchain and oracle service you would like to settle on. Sumero will take it from there.

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Sumero is built on blockchain technology meaning contracts are guaranteed by decentralised consensus secured by economic guarantees rather than trusted intermediaries.

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